Heavenly Fragrance


Who has not walked into a kitchen redolent with the mingled perfumes of spices and herbs, and immediately responded to that heady sensation? All cookbooks invariably deal with taste, but this book starts from the premise of fragrance, that most seductive of qualities, and takes the reader on an aromatic journey from enticement to fulfilment in the final dish.

The blending of aromatics – complex, elusive, unforgettable – forms the basis on which this book is constructed, and is the marketing edge that sets it apart from other Asian cookbooks. It is also the primary culinary difference between East and West, the expert fusion of many aromas that can be achieved by anyone, in any kitchen that is stocked with Asian ingredients This book will demonstrate how to create dishes that perfume the kitchen with the promise of things to come, even before the cooking process begins, with its own aromatic alchemy.

Fragrance as the hub of a cookbook is not purely an esoteric choice, but a timely commercial consideration. Consumers increasingly are looking to fragrance to enhance their homes and gardens, and the market is responding. Books on perfumed gardens, for example, are in high demand (significantly, the big commercial developers of hybrid tea roses are also placing renewed efforts on breeding for scent). In the health and beauty industry, aromatherapy is one of the fastest-growing sectors of personal care. In department stores, retail centres and designer boutiques, fragrance is now piped in like music to generate a sense of well-being and to stimulate an ‘appetite’ for shopping.

American consumers make up a major market for lifestyle products, and they will be drawn to a book that includes fragrance or perfume in its title and in its approach. We especially have considered the aspirations of the US consumer who is conscious of good cooking as a status-builder. A beautifully, unforgettably perfumed kitchen that yields exciting (and achievable) dishes is a powerful way to impress. This book will show them how, from first seductive scent to final delectable flavour.

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