Seafood Sensation

Seafood Sensation by Carol Selva Rajah is a collection of 150 recipes trawled from 19 Asian countries.

To create this book, Carol traveled to many of these countries, talked to Chefs, visited the Culinary Institutes in Calcutta and Mumbai and  talked to Chefs form Hong Kong,Taiwan,Shanghai and Tokyo, collected  friends, like Nora Daza in the Philippines, Kiki Watsa in Mumbai, Chefs at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and  Didier in Hanoi. She also met home cooks and passionate cooking school teachers who shared their favourite recipes and recipe ideas.

The book represents the flavours, tastes and regional cuisines cooked at home by family cooks and by Chefs in Hotels. At times the recipes were dictated to her, and she was left to reconstruct them, at others they were demonstrated to her as the cook from the Ramanathan Household, Vellasamy.

The recipes were written down then tested in her kitchen many times before appearing in the first Edition of this book “Asian Seafood (Times Editions)”. This copy is a reproduction of the first edition with new 15 recipes.

The information on Seafood and Fish was provided by the various Fisheries Departments in Asia.  The recipe book is well worth keeping if only for the seafood information contained in it.

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