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Dining with Dragons

Dining with Dragons We’ve just launched the Indiegogo campaign for Dining With Dragons! Pre-order and get your name in the book with a personally autographed copy. Ships Nov 2015! Order Dining With Dragons now, click here.   Follow Dining With Dragons on Facebook, click here. Dining with DragonsDining with Dragons A book by Carol Selva […]

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Tribute to Nepal 2015

Tribute to Nepal 2015 I never dreamed that I would ever see Nepal. There were so many stories, and descriptions of places and scenes conjured up for me and people to meet. When I got the invite I decided to take the plunge. Surprisingly, everything fell into place as though my visit had been pre-planned […]

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Vandana Shiva Food Festival

Pani puri or puffed wheat puri balls deepfried, stuffed with boiled potato pieces cubed with chopped coriander then drizzled just before eating with a sweet tamarind sauce. Slices of  black lentil ground into a paste  and fried into vadai then soaked in a cucumber yoghurt raita all rather bland and great for soothing the palate. […]

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Charity dinner

Charity dinner Having grown up in Malaysia, I have a natural affinity to deliciously tasty Malaysian cuisine. Classics like laksa, beef rendang, nasi lemak, chinese stewed pork or tau yu bak hold a special place in the hearts of many Malaysian foodies. When I first came to Sydney in the early 1980s, there was hardly […]

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The Pandan Leaf, the Vanilla of the East

The Pandan Leaf, the Vanilla of the East The pandan leaf is the aromatic essence most commonly used in food right across South East Asian countries as well as in the Indian sub-continent, Sri Lanka and in the Pacific Islands beyond. The pandan is a ubiquitous herb that sprouts narrow and long shard- like leaves […]

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Story on The Strand and Sushila

 Sush and Carol at ‘THE STRAND’ Yangon. 2014 I never dreamt that I would ever be walking through the messy crowds of Yangon with my friend, Sush. After all, Sush lived in Florida and I was in Sydney, Australia. Who thought our paths would cross.  But cross they did, when we met in Singapore one […]

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Carol among rice bags


Some hard facts.Rice, eaten by more than 1/2 of the world’s 7.2 billion people is at crisis point. Its synergistic relationship with water, the effects of climate, flood, drought and dwindling farming land as population numbers rise are pressing global issues that face the world today.Each day, millions of people around the planet depend on […]

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