Vandana Shiva Food Festival

Pani puri or puffed wheat puri balls deepfried, stuffed with boiled potato pieces cubed with chopped coriander then drizzled just before eating with a sweet tamarind sauce.

vandana-shiva-eventSlices of  black lentil ground into a paste  and fried into vadai then soaked in a cucumber yoghurt raita all rather bland and great for soothing the palate.

The small cherries have sour cream Persian feta and wasabi in them.

The pomelo salad is done in a special Nepali style salad dressing of lime juice, pickles, Kashmiri chilli powder (lighter than normal chilli powder), some salt, pepper and garnished with avocado  and mint.  Red pomelo or ruby grapefruit can be used but with grapefruit you may want to add some jaggery or palm sugar liquid.

Couscous salad cooked in onions garlic then tossed in sliced sundried tomato chilli ,  cashewnuts, raisins and drizzled with lime juice.  This cous cous was served with a light curried tamarind sauce cooked with drumstick slices.
vandana-shiva-foodDr. Vandana Shiva is a scientist, feminist, philosopher, environmentalist and renowned author. She supports sustainability and social justice and in 1991 founded ‘Navdanya,’ a movement to protect the diversity and integrity of living resources, especially seeds.

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